Backup Recommendations.

Data Redundancy

Data Loss Concerns

The Number One Defense against data loss, be it by electrical surge, fire, physical theft, vandalism, or water damage is a complete and valid backup system. Most strains of ransomware attempt to leverage encryption so that you no longer have access to your files. If no data exfiltration has occurred, you may be able to avoid a ransom payment by a successful restoration of your complete data backup. A safe and full backup will typically allow you to avoid catastrophic data loss due to general hardware failure, hard drive damage, and equipment theft. Other concerns for data loss may include those of electronic vandalism via Remote Access Trojans, encryption by ransomware, accidental deletion of files by users, and the intentional deletion of data by current and former disgruntled employees. For the safekeeping of any data that is critical or important to you and your business, Uniontown PC, LLC recommends the retention of 3 (three) backup types or, at a minimum, 2 (two).

  • First: Daily On-Line, Off-Site Backup
  • Second: Intermittently Air-Gapped, Off-Line Backup
  • Third: Non-EMF-Sensitive Media, Virtual Images, BMR Images, Monthly/Quarterly/Semiannual Archiving, Internal RAID, etc.
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Our Backup Options
DIY (Do It Yourself)

Pricing for various online backup services can be found at I Drive, our affiliated backup provider. I Drive's competitive pricing makes it a very reasonable choice for online, automated backups. You can also purchase external backup media to perform your own backups on a routine basis, while storing such backups in a secure state which is completely disconnected from any computers or networks.


You may schedule one of our technicians for a one-time setup of your backup system, with the understanding that you will perform all backups and verifications going forward. Typically, a single service call is all that is needed for us to set this up.

Limited Monitoring

For a custom, quoted recurring fee, we can provide limited monitoring services so as to notify you when certain backup failures occur. The end user is responsible for performing and maintaining all backups. A backup test can also be performed at an agreed-upon price if desired.

IT Monitored

With this premium service, Uniontown PC, LLC will provide the backup setup, scheduling, customization, monitoring, and periodic backup system audits of the data set originally identified by the customer. A customized estimate of the recurring fees for this service is necessary to address the various options which are available to the customer, such as the level of end user interaction, the size of the customer's desired data for backup, the requested frequency of IT backup audits, etc.