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Here you will find a listing of various online PC Tools that may prove helpful. Some of these tools may even allow you to resolve your problem without the need of our services!

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Anti-Malware Software


Our currently #1 anti-virus and anti-spyware software recommendation for home users. (For commercial-grade security software, please see our security recommendations page.) A free trial edition is available, but any of the premium, paid editions are worthwhile and recommended.

Emsisoft harnesses the power of US-based BitDefender for its underlying anti-virus engine, while layering its own second level of protection above that. Emsisoft had its beginnings in Austria but is now headquartered in New Zealand. Be sure to also install the free web browser extensions which are currently available for Brave, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Get the Free Trial Edition of Emsisoft

The simplest, quickest, and easiest free adware removal tool available, AdwCleaner can yield impressive results. After performing the adware removal, you may be required to restart your PC.

Many users notice a significant improvement in ads, pop-ups, and redirects. Although AdwCleaner is usually quite accurate, appropriate care is advised during the removal process to avoid the removal of any legitimate or important objects.

Get the Free AdwCleaner

The free edition of MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware allows you to scan your PC for spyware threats. However, the free edition does not provide active, real-time infection prevention. Instead, it allows you to manually scan and disinfect your PC as often as you like.

Uniontown PC recommends the full, premium subscription version of MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware for real-time anti-malware protection, automatic updates, scheduled scanning, anti-exploit protection, and anti-ransomware protection on home computers. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

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Windows Defender

Windows Defender is already included with the operating system for recent version of Windows, such as Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft Security Essentials) provides free, real-time, active protection against a myriad of virus threats.

No download is necessary as this anti-virus software is built-in and must simply be enabled and/or updated. Providing ongoing protection and updates at no cost, this product from Microsoft is a great, free anti-virus option.

Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus was the first anti-virus product to make use of cloud computing. Panda Antivirus offers a simple, user-friendly interface.

This free software is available to home users for all current versions of Windows. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Get the Free Panda

Application Software


Brave is a new, cutting-edge web browser designed to prioritize privacy and security when surfing the web. Based on Chromium, this browser offers the same speed as Google Chrome but with added privacy and ad blocking. With research reporting the ongoing farming and resale of consumer data and browsing metadata, using an alternate web browser, such as Brave, is advisable.

Users should also notice a speed increase when switching to this browser on older computers. Brave may very well provide you with a safer and faster web browsing experience.

Get Brave
Foxit PDF Reader

If you are an intermediate or casual PDF user, this program is for you. If your system has been weighed down by Adobe Acrobat Reader's large installation and updates, consider Foxit Reader as a great alternative.

Foxit Reader allows you to view PDF files quickly and effortlessly. The free edition also includes the ability to add comments, fill out forms, sign, and even save the modified PDFs.

Get Foxit Reader
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another alternative to the web browsers that are built-in to Windows. Firefox has a history of reliability with an extra benefit of a very vast selection of browser add-ons.

If you are looking to try out a new web browser, give Firefox a chance. You may be pleased with its performance and stability.

Get Mozilla Firefox
Office 365 Business

If your organization requires the use of Microsoft Office, try comparing our prices at the link below with those found at the online Microsoft Store.

These one-year 365 subscription packages are targetted at business and enterprise clients. Some of the available products are Office 365 Business, Business Premium, E3, and others. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Get Microsoft Office

Are you unwilling to spend $399 for a one-time purchase of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional or not wanting to purchase a recurring Microsoft Office ongoing subscription? LibreOffice is a completely free alternative that offers general compatibility with Microsoft Word and Excel. Create and design documents or spreadsheets with LibreOffice and then simply email them to your Word and Excel friends.

Unless you depend upon very specific features in Microsoft Office, this alternative may be a great choice for you and your wallet.

Get LibreOffice

Data Backup & Recovery

I Drive

Do you need a fully-automated backup solution? IDrive provides up to 5 GB of encrypted, online backup for free -- at no cost to you. Larger, paid account sizes are also available and recommended for business users.

After creating a new account, install the IDrive application. Once properly configured, your personal or business data is automatically backed up regularly, utilizing the same level of encryption used by major online banking and financial sites. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit I Drive

Need more than 5 GB of personal backup storage? BackBlaze offers unlimited online backup storage for an incredible, low cost of $60 per year per computer. This includes all connected external media, such as flash drives and external hard drives. For home users seeking unlimited online backup storage at a very reasonable price, BackBlaze is a great choice. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit BackBlaze
Outsource Data Recovery

Based in Ohio, Outsource Data Recovery offers low-cost, flat rate options for professional data recovery services. You may receive a quote prior to shipping your media. After shipping your media to them, you will be able to review a list of recovered data before they finish your data recovery project.

Cleanroom services increase the cost; however, Outsource lists these various failure-specific and advanced services on their website. Outsource Data Recovery claims that they know how to recover files and data off of virtually anything. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit Outsource
Gillware, Inc.

Although Uniontown PC offers basic data recovery services for your drives, Gillware offers advanced, comprehensive data recovery for situations where a basic recovery is insufficient.

Gillware offers free evaluation and inbound shipping to their data recovery lab. Once there, your drive will be analyzed, and if recovery of your files is possible, Gillware will provide you with a no-obligation quote for the recovery of your data files. Gillware recovers data from hard drives, flash drives, mobile phones, solid state drives, and thumb drives. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit Gillware

Other Sites

ProtonMail & ProtonVPN

If you are looking for a world-class VPN privacy service, ProtonVPN has one of the best records regarding online privacy.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are known for their focus on end-user security and privacy. Various free and premium plans are available. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

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Sensible Toner

If you are looking to save money on toner cartridges, consider Sensible Toner, a Pittsburgh-area, veteran-owned business.

Sensible Toner offers a 100% product satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty against defects. If ordering toner cartridges for your HP laser printers, please omit the brand name and enter the model number alone for better search results on their website. Customers of Uniontown PC, LLC may enter the exclusive coupon code UNIONTOWN to receive an instant 10% discount at SensibleToner.com. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit Sensible Toner
House of Inks

For low cost inkjet cartridges, House of Inks provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty against defects. Orders over $40 include free shipping, and a $4.95 shipping fee is charged for orders under $40.

Orders ship from the west coast. If placed before 6 PM ET, most orders will ship same day. However, you may experience delays due to the additional shipping time. The average delivery time window includes up to 5 business days. We receive a commission for purchases made using these links.

Visit House of Inks

Uniontown PC, LLC receives a commission on purchases from some of the companies whose products we review or recommend. We select and recommend each product based on our own assessment of their merit, quality, or reputation. Please note that items described as free are typically available for strictly home and personal use. Uniontown PC, LLC provides no warranty or guarantee related to the use of these products or services.