Anti-Malware and Endpoint Security Recommendation

Please be advised of our security recommendation below. While there is simply no guarantee available anywhere for complete immunity and protection from the ever-changing digital threat landscape, and while we do not provide any guarantee or warranty against such attacks, this is our recommendation for attempted safeguards in light of current cyberattacks and ransomware.

The pricing provided for the items below pertains to the products themselves. Self-managed solutions are products which are managed by the clients or end users themselves. If installation, setup, and configuration is requested, Uniontown PC LLC's normal hourly rates apply. For questions regarding ongoing monitoring and/or management of your equipment, feel free to contact us for additional information.


Level 1

  • Security: Self-Managed
  • Example: Casual Home Use
  • Basic Protection for PCs
  • No Smartphone Protection
  • Free Windows Defender
  • Automatic Scanning
  • Real-Time Protection

Level 2

  • Security: Self-Managed
  • Example: Average Home Use
  • Emsisoft Home Anti-Malware
  • Advanced Protection for PCs
  • Android Smartphone Protection
  • Automatic Scanning
  • Premium Real-Time Protection
  • Targets Ransomware, Spyware, Virus, Exploit

Level 3

  • Security: Self-Managed
    with Limited Monitoring
  • Example: Home Office, Small Office
  • Harmony Protection
  • Advanced Threat Protection for PCs
  • Advanced Protection for Smartphones
  • Emsisoft Premium License for PC
  • Automatic scanning available
  • Advanced Real-Time Protection
  • Targets Ransomware, Exploit, Bot, Phishing, and Zero Day
Best - Recommended

Level 4

  • Security: IT Monitored
  • Examples: Small Government, Retail, Financial, Medical
  • World-Renowned Advanced Protection by Check Point
  • Harmony Threat Protection
  • Next Generation Hardware Firewall
  • Advanced Threat Protection for PCs
  • Advanced Protection for Smartphones
  • Emsisoft Premium License for PC
  • Automatic scanning available
  • Real-Time Global Threat Protection
  • Customizable pricing also available
  • Targets Ransomware, Exploit, Bot, Zero Day, Phishing, and Cyberattacks
Important Data Advisory Notice

Please note that due to daily fluctuations within the technology industry, the above information and pricing is subject to change without notice. No product or service offered or suggested by Uniontown PC, LLC provides complete or guaranteed protection against the ever-changing world of digital threats. Every individual user, organization, and business entity must also have an adequate backup system and verified off-site copies of any personal information and/or business data that they deem important. The recommendation provided on this page are for the purpose of taking a pro-active approach to reducing one's vulnerability to the majority of digital threats today.

Please be advised of our Backup Recommendations here.