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With our specialization in troubleshooting, our IT Pros hope to be your first and last stop with difficult and stubborn computer problems.

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IT Consulting and Security Services are offered in most areas within and surrounding Uniontown, PA.

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Our company specializes in Remote Support. We can provide assistance remotely for a growing range of computing issues.

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"Repeat customers" is the goal of Uniontown PC LLC, as we attempt to increase your productivity, efficiency, and contentment.

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Unaware of your present business security status?

Data security is an ever-growing concern. Wariness is now warranted. Caution is wise, when endeavoring to protect your business and personal data. Monitoring background processes, scripts, or subroutines is now important. Request an optional audit or a recommended security roadmap for your business's immediate future.

Is your Business protected against Ransomware attacks?

Implementing and streamlining a weekly or daily backup system is requisite in today's digital age. The domination of hackers and other unethical entities in our global society has pushed the safeguarding of business data and personal files to the forefront. Having an automated or routine backup system, with good security practices in place is paramount.

Tired of waiting on hold to get answers to your questions?

Simply email us your questions. If you have an active security contract with us, you may also send us a text message for what is typically a much faster response time. Send us a message to schedule a day and a time for your remote support session.

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